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Workforce's Work Injury Management Team connects our partners and their employees to responsive, high quality, expedient medical care that constantly focuses on employee safety while minimizing costs, exposure and risk to employers.

Workforce coordinates services such as accessing injured workers to high quality and appropriate medical care, preparing injured workers for appointments while communicating with physicians / providers, claims adjusters, corporate safety, legal teams, and any other entities involved in a work injury claim before and after each appointment and/or referral.

  • On-call and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  • Directly accesses injured workers to high quality, injury-specific medical care, when necessary

  • Coordinate Telephonic Consultation with Physicians and Nurses

  • Maintain access to an extensive network of medical providers throughout North America

  • Coordinate & Schedule Specialty Medical Appointments (specialists, imaging, therapy, etc.)

  • Coordinate Post-Accident Drug & Alcohol Screening, as necessary

Throughout the life cycle of a work injury reported to Workforce, in a effort to ensure proper services are offered to the employee and employer, throughout the injury and recovery period, our office will communicate directly with:

  • Injured Employee

  • Job Site Supervisors

  • On-Site Safety Staff

  • On-Site Nurses

  • Designated Corporate Representatives

  • Telephonic Nurses, provided by Workforce

  • Telephonic Physicians, provided by Workforce

  • Medical Providers

  • Insurance Carriers

  • Attorneys and Legal Counsel

  • Billing Departments

  • TPA / MCO

Click below for a detailed presentation outlining Workforce's Work Injury Management protocols and procedures regarding different types and levels of reported work injuries:

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